Antibiotic Resistant Infections And How We Can Help Stop Them

Antibiotic Resistant Infections And How We Can Help Stop Them

  One of the most important jobs that we have as physicians is the diagnosis and treatment of infections. As an ENT, I constantly battle the microscopic villains which frequently find our ears, sinuses, lymph nodes, etc as places to live and grow. There is one specific type of bacteria that I am encountering regularly […]

What are the tonsils and adenoid anyway?

One of the most common conversations I have with parents every day concerns the tonsils. As we head into the fall and school gets underway I thought I would share a little information about these 2 pesky structures in the back of the throat which can be the source for a number of problems for […]

Hearing Loss in Children

Do you ever feel your children just aren’t listening to you? You’d be surprised how often I pull pebbles, jewelry or plastic pieces out of little ears.  With teenagers, a lack of response may be more “selective hearing” than anything else. If a foreign object or “just ignoring my parents” isn’t the cause, you should […]

Facial injuries and accidents, Do I need to see an ENT?

If it’s a Summer Saturday on the Eastern Shore, you’ll likely find families gathered at the ballpark or enjoying water sports on the bay.  The crack of the bat and the splash of kids jumping off a pier also bring some of our youngest patients in the door this time of year, with broken noses […]

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